Measuring Sensors


Measuring Sensors

Hydraulic circuit oil pressure sensor

It is installed directly on the hydraulic group.

Position of oil pressure sensor

It is installed directly on the hydraulic group. It consists of a capacitive sensitive element that generates a signal processed by a specific custom circuit inside the metal casing. It supplies the control unit CFC 208F with a voltage proportional to the pressure read, with reference to the supply voltage of the sensor. The supply voltage from CFC 208F is 5+/-0.5V with a draw of approx. 10 mA. The maximum pressure value read is approx. 80 bar.

Pressure sensor diagram

Actuators position sensor

Actuators position sensor

The sensors that send the position of the gear selection, gear engagement and clutch control actuators to the Selespeed control unit are single ramp potentiometers installed directly on the electro-hydraulic group. They are powered with 5V+/-0.5V by the control unit CFC 208F. Maximum resistance between pins A-B is 1200 +/- 20Ohmat 20°C.

Location of actuator position sensors

The three sensors, of the same type, installed on the electro-hydraulic group are:

  1. Gear selection position sensor
  2. Gear engagement position sensor
  3. Clutch position sensor

Clutch disk speed sensor (gearbox primary)

This is installed on the gearbox inlet, directly on the gear box.
It is an electromagnetic sensor and sends a sinusoidal signal to the control unit CFC 208F that has a frequency in proportion to the speed of a pinion mounted on the gearbox primary shaft. The winding resistance is 1200 Ohm +/- 10% at 20°C. The air gap ranges between 0.2-1 mm.

Gearbox speed sensor position

Switch on brake pedal

Installed on the brake pedal unit.

Brake pedal switch

When the pedal is released it does not send any signal (NC) to the control unit CFC 208F. When the brake pedal is pressed the BRAKE lights switch on and the switch sends the car braked signal (12V) to control unit CFC 208F.

Door open switch

This reads the information (ON-OFF) regarding the state of the driver side door, sending an earth signal to the control unit CFC 208F when the door is open.

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