No its not an automatic box, its a manual box that works with a clutch plate and pressure plate like any other vehicle

Over the years i have only encountered one selespeed that was stuck in gear due to a broken gearbox, 99% of the time its a result of a failed pump, solenoid or potentiometer.

In most cases its due to the clutch plate wear on the vehicle and to compensate for this the clutch rod length needs to be set to 28.00 – 28.5 mm using diagnostic software. It could also be as a result of a faulty clutch solenoid (EVO) or a faulty clutch potentiometer. See how to test your potentiometer

Between 44 – 55 bar if your pressure is above 55 bar then its usually as a result of a stuck relay located between the battery and engine.

  • The selespeed pump uses an ATF Dexron III a Dexron II can be used as an alternative if a Dexron III is unavailable.
  • The Gearbox uses 80w90 Gear oil
  • The engine uses a 20w50 in south african conditions but a 10w40 is recommended