Basic Selespeed Concept

Alfa 147 Actuator

Basic Selespeed Concept

These are integrated to the manual transmission with no special modifications to the clutch and the internal part of the gear, only the gearbox is changed to permit the fastening of the hydraulic actuators that control the clutch and the gear engagement selection. The clutch pedal has been eliminated, therefore for a breakaway start only the accelerator pedal is used. By means of an electro-hydraulic group, the electronic control unit manages gear engagement both in semi-automatic and automatic mode.

Semiautomatic, or manual, the driver makes a direct gear change by activating the lever on the centre console or through the buttons on the steering wheel.

Automatic, also called “city”, in this configuration it is the system that makes the decision as to when to change gear. The advantages are: the driver does not have to use the clutch pedal and the gear shift lever, but is not deprived of the pleasure of driving that comes from direct control of transmission.

The CFC 208 is set to

  • acquire the signals coming from the different sensors
  • interface with the engine control unit (Motronic M7.3.1)
  • control the hydraulic system
  • manage the information display and buzzer

The CFC 208F input signals

  • rpm, (from rev. counter through Bosch Motronic control unit M7.3.1)
  • gearbox input revs
  • car speed (information to CAN line)
  • clutch actuator position
  • selector actuator position
  • engagement actuator position
  • key in travel position
  • door switch status driver side
  • brake pedal switch status
  • electro-hydraulic group oil pressure
  • CAN line signal (position of accelerator pedal, engine torque, water temperature, etc.)
  • gear change request from buttons or lever
  • +50 engine ignition.

The interface with C.C.M. M7.3.1 is managed on the CAN line. To control the hydraulic actuation sub-system the CFC 208F has

  • 1 output to adjust the proportional flow-rate solenoid valve for clutch control
  • 2 outputs to adjust the proportional pressure solenoid valve for gear engagement control
  • 2 outputs to control the on/off solenoid valves to control selection
  • 1 output to control the electric pump
  • 1 output to control the ignition relay

The CFC 208F also gives the start enable.

Selespeed Alfa Romeo 147 functional diagram


  1. Gear selection lever switch
  2. Engine rpm sensor (CAN line from CCM)
  3. Car speed signal on CAN line from ABS
  4. Gear shift buttons
  5. Brake pedal switch
  6. Oil pressure sensor
  7. Door switch driver side
  8. City button
  9. Gearbox input revs sensor
  10. Clutch position sensor
  11. Gear selection position sensor
  12. Gear engagement position sensor
  13. DVE motorised throttle case ( CAN line from CCM)
  14. Accelerator pedal potentiometer (CAN line from CCM)
  15. Pressure proportional solenoid valves ( 2)
  16. On-off solenoid valves (2)
  17. Flow rate proportional solenoid valve
  18. Electric pump
  19. Buzzer
  20. On-board panel
  21. Diagnostics socket
  22. Start enable relay

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